New Small Automatic Chocolate/Sugar/Powder Coating Pan 6kg to 150kg For Nuts/Dry Fruits/Pill

●Product Introduction

This machine can be used for Coating and polishing chocolates with various shapes,such as round, oblate, oval,sunflower seed shaped,cylindrical etc, making it glossy,and shining with lustre on the surface. Moreover, chocolates shall look more delicate after being polished.The cylindrical chocolates are usually wrapped by multi-colored aluminum foil,the wrapping paper fits better with the chocolate after being polished,the geometrical structure becomes clearer. This polishing pot also applies for enrobing nubbly products such as flour-coated peanuts, hard/soft candies,bubble gums,pills,etc.

LST Machinery, founded in 2009,which is located in Chengdu ,which is one standard and professional company for manufacturing & trading .We are highly successful in chocolate food making machine and packing machine etc.
5 top technology and research and development staffs , ,3 different high and new technologies will be carried out each year.More than 30 manufacturing persons and good sales team and after-service supports.
OEM supporting ,professional comprehensive solutions and long-term cooperation.


1. Multifunctional, flexible and wide application
2. Adjust speed+Adjust angle+Adjust hot air+Normal room air
3. Attached device include:
a.Single electrothermal blower, the wind outlet pipe(adjustable wind volume) can be put into the pot as heating or cooling.
b.Heat(temperature) can be adjusted.
c.Speed-adjustable motor



Model PGJ-400 PGJ-600 PGJ-800 PGJ-1000 PGJ-1250 PGJ-1500
Diameter of Sugar Coating Pot 400mm 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1250mm 1500mm
Speed of Sugar Coating Pot 32r/min 32r/min 28r/min 28r/min 28r/min 28r/min
Main Motor Power 0.55kw 0.75kw 1.1kw 1.5kw 3kw 5.5kw
Blower Power 60w 60w 250w 250w 250w 250w
Electric Heating Power 1kw 1kw 2kw 2kw 3kw 6kw
Production Capacity 6kg/batch 15kg/batch 20-40kg








Overall Dimension


600*550*880mm 700*700*




1100*1100*1600mm 1200*1250*1800mm 1200*1500*2000mm
Weight 45kg 66kg 126kg 138kg 165kg 200kg
Function:Adjust speed+Adjust angle+Adjust hot air+Normal room air

Flexible Layout  

Operation Process  



1:What capacity coating pan you supply
-from 6-150kg/batch, pan diameter from 400-1500mm.

2:Can do OEM?
-yes, we can for 1 set.

3:Have larger capacity coating machine
-yes, you can have a look about our belt coater and rotary drum coater, will be more auto.

New Small Automatic Chocolate/Sugar/Powder Coating Pan 6kg to 150kg For Nuts/Dry Fruits/Pill Related Video: