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Sichuan, China
1 year
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Field installation, commissioning and training, Engineers available to service machinery overseas
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Snack food factory, Beverage Factory

Product parameters

This Chocolate depositing line is a high tech full automatic chocolate machine for chocolate molding. The production process include mould heating, chocolate depositing, mould vibrating, mould conveying, cooling and demolding. This line has been widely applied in production of pure solid chocolate, center filled chocolate, double-colored chocolate, particle mixed chocolate, biscuit chocolate,etc.

Main Features & Advantages

1.Full automatic PLC controlled,highly stable and reliable. Servo system not only minimize the maintenance cost and contamination to products, but also realize a more stable and bigger center filling.

2.The Beckhoff Remote Control System from Germany enables us to modify system parameters,diagnosis & troubleshooting on line, which is not only easy and fast, but also cost-saving.

3.There are a lot of add-on devices can be attached to this production line, such as Auto Biscuits Feeder, Auto Wafer Feeder, Auto Sprinkler,etc. Customers can choose these add-on devices accordingly and add or  change the add-on devices for new product whenever needed.

4.The high configuration production line can be combined by all kind of parts, and these parts can be separated and recombined with some other parts to makes another production line for different products.

5.There are single depositor,double depositor or more to meet different product production need. The special mechanism of the depositor device makes the installation, takedown and switch of the depositor EASY & FAST. It only takes a very short time to clean the depositor or switch to another depositor.

6.To produce different kinds of chocolate products, you only need to change a depositor or the chocolate

syrup distribution plate that used with the depositor.

7.The mobile depositor enables the mobile mould-follow-depositing function, which greatly increase the output of the production line by 20%.

8.With plastic guide-rail protection, the chain will not contact with spilled chocolate,which meets the overall food hygiene requirements.



There are many other add-on devices,such as auto mould loader,sprinkler,biscuit feeder,Conche, tempering machine,decorating machine and many more. You can add whatever part you need to make it a full automatic production line and produce different kinds of products.


 moulding machine


1.The molding line is for chocolate deposit forming.

2.The whole process is fully automatic including depositing, mould plate vibrating, cooling, demoulding, conveyingand plate heating.

3. You can choose one head semi-automatic type, two heads orthree heads for molding line for different products.

4.This line is suitable for pure chocolate, center filled chocolate, two-color chocolate, four-color chocolate,and amber or agate chocolate.


LSTChocolate Enrobing Line with Cooling Tunnel


The enrobing line is to coat chocolate on various food such as biscuit, wafers, egg rolls, cake pie and snacks etc..

Cooling tunnel and some special devices are optional.

1: Material feeder: to simplify the feeding of biscuits or wafers to the enrobing wire mesh .

2: Granular sprinkler :to sprinkle sesame or peanut granular on the enrobing products. (Add-on device)

3: Decorator :to decorate zigzags or stripes of different color on the surface of enrobing products.(Add-on device)

Cooling Tunnel

Air cooling tunnels are universally used for product cooling after molding. Such as filled candy, hard candy, taffy candy, chocolate and many other confectionery products. After conveying to cooling tunnel, products will be cooled by special cooling air. Cooling effect is stable and the whole process is clean. Import compressor from USA and frequency converter greatly improves the stability and durability of this device.


Features and Advantages:

1.Cooling tunnel are equipped with 2 sets of 5P refrigeration systems. Direct touch cooling on bottom side and indirect top cooling design.

2.All stainless steel and food grade conveyor belt which in compliance with food hygiene and safety standard.

3.Two stages or even more stages of cooling, such as fresh air cooling and refrigeration cooling,etc. The multi-stage cooling design makes it energy saving, fast cooling, easy operation,etc.

4.Tunnel cover adopts the latest design concept, fully covered and sealed design greatly avoid energy loss.

5.The tunnel cover can be opened or removed easily, no tools needed,easy for cleaning.

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Company INFO

Founded in 2009, Chengdu LST has professional R&D team and specialized equipment, specializes in manufacturing middle-high class of chocolate equipment, such as chocolate molding Machines, chocolate coating machines, chocolate enrobing machines, chocolate & grain mixture moulding machine, ball mill, etc.


Our chocolate equipment have been popular in the food industry. At the same time, the products produced by our equipment are also in the forefront of the candy industry as well. Besides the domestic market, our equipment have been widely sold to Germany, India,Vietnam, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Russia, Ecuador, Malaysia, Romania Israel,Peru and many other countries in the world.


We provide OEM service. At the same time, life-time after-sales service for our equipment are provided to world wide customer and we are looking forward to your visit.

Our Services

Pre-sale Services
1. We'll guide you to choose the most suitable machines for your project.
2. When sign contract, we will notify the power supply voltage and frequency.
3. Strict with complete testing and well adjustment according to customers’ requirement before shipment.

After-sale Service
1. Technical service provided.
2. Installation and On-site training service provided. Debugger only debug and train 2 kinds of products. Extra charge apply for extra products.Technicians’ installation and commissioning charges include round-way tickets, inland traffic, lodging and boarding fee are on the Buyer’s account. A service charges of USD 60.00/day per technician applies.

3. One year warranty for standard operation. Life-time technical support provided.
Service charge applies for incorrect operation or artificial damage.

Delivery Clause
1. The Equipment will be collected from the Seller’s factory by Buyer, or will be delivered by Seller on agreed terms.
2. Leading time is usually 30-60 working days.

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