Chocolate caramel enrobing machine


Item No LST400E/LST600E/LST900E/LST1000E/LST1200E/
Machine Capacity 0-8m/min
Certification CE
Customization Customize logo(min order 1 set)
Customize packaging(min order 1 set)
 EXW Price:

●Main Introduction:

Enrobing is an easy way to make chocolate coated products. Enrobing machine has been widely used to cover chocolate on various food such as biscuit, wafers, egg rolls, cake pie and snacks etc. It can be made for full or half covering of chocolate as requested. Accessories such as chocolate feeder,decorator,biscuit feeder, granular material sprinkler are available for making different special chocolate covered products. PLC or physic button control are optional.

●Main Feature:

1.Automatic production, large output,save manpower.
2.Automatic chocolate mixing, chocolate feeding,temperature controlling,air blowing and tail cutting.
3.Full or half covering can be realized in one machine.
4.PLC or physic button control are optional.



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