What’s Dark Chocolate?And How to Make It?

Dark chocolate generally refers to chocolate with a cocoa solid content between 35% and 100% and a milk content of less than 12%. The main ingredients of dark chocolate are cocoa powder, cocoa butter and sugar or sweetener. Dark chocolate is also the chocolate with the highest cocoa content requirements. It has a harder texture, darker color and bitter taste.

Vanilla and sugar are the perfect match for cocoa. Only through them can the unique mellowness of cocoa be truly enhanced and displayed. It can be minimal, but it cannot be absent, unless it is extreme 100% pure dark chocolate.

There are very few pure dark chocolates with 100% cocoa content in the market. Naturally, they are chocolates without any additives except cocoa, which are directly refined and tempered from cocoa beans. Some chocolate companies use extra cocoa butter or a small amount of vegetable lecithin to aid in grinding the cocoa beans in the conch, but it is necessary to keep the chocolate at least 99.75% cocoa. Those who can really accept and enjoy the original cocoa flavor must be the descendants of God!

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