How to make molded real cocoa butter chocolate looks shinier and high quality?

Temperature adjustment: mainly through heating, let all the crystals completely loosen their hands, and then by cooling to the most suitable crystal temperature range, cultivate the crystals, and finally raise it a little, so that the crystals are within a maximum speed growth range. The chocolate crystals picked out in this way are the ones that are pulled tightly by the little hands of the crystals and are the brightest. But although I am talking about temperature adjustment, in fact, I usually look at the feel, the flow speed of the chocolate syrup, and the temperature is the last thing I look at. I don’t know if you have discovered that even if the correct temperature is measured by using the thermometer, the actual chocolate produced is not correct. This is where the temperature is, but the crystal is not right because the crystal is changing all the time. Or even the temperature is not reached, but the measurement is wrong because the chocolate syrup is a thick liquid. If it is not fully stirred, the temperature will be uneven in various places. For example, if the chocolate you produce has stripes on the surface, this is caused by different temperature differences, and you need to stir more evenly next time. (But be careful not to stir in air bubbles)

When the experience is not enough to sense the crystal, I suggest that you use the thermometer after stirring it completely (about 10 times for the whole pot, all around, the center, and the top and bottom) and then use a thermometer. If the temperature is reached, take a small blade to dip it in. Refrigerate for a while. After 2 or 3 minutes, take it out and see that it is shiny and solidified, which means that the temperature adjustment is correct. If the surface is still wet, don’t hesitate to reheat immediately.

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In addition to the chocolate crystals, the cleaning of the mold is also very important for the luster. Turn your mold toward the light and shine the light. The mold is not smooth, but oily, which means that there is dirt on your mold. The chocolate will not shine. During the use of the mold, if the temperature is always adjusted correctly, it is not only good for the quality of the product, but also for the mold. On the other hand, if the temperature adjustment fails, the chocolate will not be able to shrink and demould, even if you drop it, knock it, beat it, wash it, or brush it. After various methods are used, there will still be residual impurities on the surface of the mold. Such a dirty mold will not only affect the next bright chocolate production, but also damage the coating of the mold itself.

And then one more thing, even if your mold is dirty, don’t wash it with scalding water or detergent. You can fill the mold with chocolate that has been tempered correctly, and let the residues that failed to temper the last time come out of the mold smoothly. Or if the mold is not much dirty, you can also use medical cotton dipped in high-concentration alcohol, and carefully wipe off the oil. Please note that the chocolate mold, try not to touch the water! Try not to touch the water!

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