2022 LST 1st Sales Debate Competition

At 1:00 pm on June 18th, LST held a wonderful debate competition. The purpose of this competition is to improve the professional ability of sales staff, so as to provide customers with better service.


  1. Competition rules: All sales staff are divided into 2 groups, each group has 6 people, each group selects one person to answer the questions in advance, and then the judges announce the test questions. After the answer is completed, the team will supplement, and then the opponent will supplement to raise questions. Finally, the judges systematically explain the answer and then determine the score.

Competition process:

1. Draw lots to decide the team: Team A VS Team B

2. Due to limited time, each team answered 4 questions

3. The exam questions revolve around “products and services”

Competition content:

1. Market analysis of chocolate:

a.  pure cocoa butter chocolate VS substitute butter chocolate : pure cocoa butter chocolate market is gradually increasing, because people are more and more concerned about health issues;  pure cocoa butter chocolate is natural cocoa bean oil, which is good for health, and substitute butter chocolate contains trans fatty acids, which is harmful to the human body .

b. Raw material analysis: The cost of  pure cocoa butter chocolate is high, and  substitute butter chocolate is relatively low, but the cost of raw materials is also increasing;

c. Market analysis: pure cocoa butter chocolate is oriented to the mid-to-high-end market, and subsitute butter chocolate is low-end.

How to choose depends on the customer’s ideas and the market conditions of the country where they are located.

2. Advantages of LST:

a. Always maintain the ability to innovate

b. Align with the international level and face foreign markets

c. Use high-quality materials and humanized design

d. Professional sales team

3. The characteristics of various machines, such as the advantages of coating pans, belt coating machines, drum coating machines, etc., are aimed at examining the salesperson’s understanding of the machine.

4. How to provide after-sales service: 1-year free warranty; professional after-sales team provides online after-sales service 24 hours a day; provides accessories needed for maintenance, etc.

Results of the game: At the beginning, team B took the lead, then from the third question, team A came back, and finally team A won!

Summary: During the discussion, I learned more professional knowledge and made up for my own shortcomings. More importantly, make the whole team more harmonious and learn to work as a team.