LST Full Automatic Chocolate 2D/3D One-Shot Depositor Production Line

●Product Introduction

2D/3D Depositor usually works with Mould heater,vibrator,cooling tunnel, demoulder ,mould conveying, biscuit feeder,sprinkler,cold press machine,etc.It can be a full automatic line or semiautomatic line. Choose whatever function you need to make your desired production line.
This Chocolate depositing line is a high tech full automatic chocolate machine for chocolate molding. Suitable for food company middle large scale, personalized, and diverse production.
The most special features of this line is the flexibility as every parts of this line can be used as a separate part and combine with some other machine.
This line has been widely applied in production of pure solid chocolate, center filled chocolate, double-colored chocolate, particle mixed chocolate, biscuit chocolate,etc.


1.Depositor is with shell, these shell is not only for hygienic purpose, but also for safety protection.
2. The depositing head is with completely new mechanism, which enables fast assemble and disassemble of the depositing head, depositing plate,etc. This design make it very fast and convenient for depositing plate change or depositor cleaning.
3. 2D one-shot depositor:One-shot depositor,single color,two color, center filling,chocolate ball,center filled chcolate ball, etc.
4. 3D one-shot decorating depositor: Has all the function of 2D one-shot depositor, specialized in decorating depositing function. Depositor is able to move to any direction necessary. It is even able to draw picture.



3D(can do all 2D product)


Parameter/Model 2D One-Shot Depositor 3D Decoration depositor
Depositing Speed 6-12 mouds/min 4-12 mouds/min
Piston Numbers 48/72/96*2 pistons 48/72/96*2 pistons
Products Per Shot Up to 192 pcs Up to 192 pcs
Servo Motor 4sets 5sets
Movable Axis Z+X or Z+Belt X+Y+Z
Depositing Mode A/B/A+B A/B/A+B
Depositing Accuracy ≤±0.1g ≤±0.1g
Filling Rate ≤80% ≤80%
Power 12KW 13KW
Dimension 2000*1580*1600mm 2000*1580*1600mm
Mould size 450-300-30/450-230-30/275-175-30mm 450-300-30/450-230-30/275-175-30mm



Flexible Layout  


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