LST Factory 400-800kg/h full automatic chocolate production line with cooling tunnel


-The track chain is fixed by polymer plastic guide rails, which can effectively prevent the wear of the chain and reduce the noise during the conveying process;
-It adopts the best shield high-strength chain drive in China, so it is expensive;
-The chain will not come into contact with the spilled chocolate, which guarantees the food hygiene requirements to the greatest extent;
-There is a tension detection device on the chain;
-The chain is controlled by servo motor, which has more stable performance and is not easy to break the chain.



Model LST 1000
Depositing speed 400-800kg/h
Productivity 12-25 molds/min
Mold size 510-225-30mm/300-225-30mm
Filling rate <70%
Cooling tunnel 0-15 °C 20HP 17kw
Material Full stainless steel
Total power 42kw



# Full automatic depositing line

Total power:40kw

Production speed:12-25 moulds/min

Mould qty:375 pics

Mould size:510*200*30mm or customized

Dimensions:13300* 2400mm *1800mm

Net weight:7000kg

Air supply:0.4Mpa

Electrical power:380V

1 Mould heating machine

Double layer stainless steel insulation cover.

Air cylinder lifting and close the cover.

When moulds stops or emergency stop button has been pressed, the heating process will be auto stopped and the cover will be auto lifted.


2 Fixed depositor

Automatic Mould-lifting

Fixed depositor

48*2 pistons

Easy assembling and disassembling design for depositor

Delta system.

AB depositing both applies 1.0KW servo motor


3 Vibrator



Vibrating area extended close to depositor

4 Main drive system



5 Cooling tunnel

High molecular material guide rail

Low noise

15HP*12layers of cooling, temperature1-10℃ adjustable

Air fan:SF6-4 2.2KW 380V

Blast capacity:18700m³/h

Suction fan:750w,380V,Air volume:7000m³/h




6 Double tapping demoulder

1.SMC air cylinder spring pull up, plastic mould stripping hammer.

2.Air cylinder controlled beat, beat frequency is adjustable.

3.One or two group of knocking devices.


7 Product Conveyor

1.00 PU food grade belt

8 Delta control system with Schneider electrical components  
9 Mould

Mould size:510-200-30mm

10 Chocolate feeding system

1*0.5T chocolate holding tank



+control system


Flexible Layout  


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