Chocolate Peanut Cluster Machine

Product Introduction

Cooking System
1. Cooking system is consists of jacket cooker and storage tank.
2. Jacketed cooker can dissolve sugar and maltose rapidly, reach full uniform effects of dissolving.
3. Storage tank is used to storage liquid and decrease the temperature of liquid.
4. All syrup transportation adopt high-precision lobe pumps.
5. The whole part of the cooking is controlled by an independent control cabinet. Can better control the sugar boiling process.

Depositing System
1.High accuracy fabrication technology for deposit piston and copper makes the same candy weight.
2. Flavor and color mixer can effectively mix flavor color and other ingredients.
3. Oil-spraying machine makes the candy easier to demould.
4. Touch screen more easy operation, reasonable waste water discharge system. Quick-change type chain.
5. Two sets of Color and flavor adding system.
6. Quick release buckle, all of these make the line with high and efficiency production.