Chocolate Holding Tank with SS304 Material 50-3000L


- Chocolate conch is used in fine grinding of chocolate mass; it is the main equipment in chocolate production line.
- Can add solenoid valve, automatic temperature control for cooling water.
- Double -layer, warm water in layer.
- Main motor: Chinese motor.
- Main Electrics: Schneider or omron.
- Sticks and scrapers Material: 65#Mn steel after heat treatment with high strength, hardness and good abrasion resistence.
- Machine body:painted carbon steel.
- Spare parts: 1pcs electrical heatings, some pcs liners, 1 pcs blades.


Model Material Capacity Motor Power Heating Power Weight
BWG-50 SSS304 3/4mmm 50L 0.75kw 3kw 110kg
BEG-150 SSS304 3/4mmm 150L 1.1kw 6kw 300kg
BWG-300 SSS304 3/4mmm 300L 1.1kw 6kw 400kg
BWG-500 SSS304 3/4mmm 500L 2.2kw 6kw 560kg
BWG-1000 SSS304 3/4mmm 1000L 2.2kw 6kw 650kg
BWG-2000 SSS304 3/4mmm 2000L 5.5kw 12kw 800kg
BEG-3000 SSS304 3/4mmm 3000L 5.5kw 12kw 960kg




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