1000L high-quality real cocoa butter chocolate conching machine

●Product Introduction

The machine includes:
- A cradle stirred with a horizontal single shaft with paddles designed to assure the optimal intensive mixing
- A conching tower to allow a fast stripping of the off flavors
The process is fully controlled by PLC according to recipe parameters set onto the touch screen operator panel.

Refining has the following obvious effects:
(1) The moisture of the chocolate material is further reduced;
(2) Repel the residual and unnecessary volatile acid substances in the cocoa sauce;
(3) Promote the reduction of the viscosity of the chocolate material and improve the fluidity of the material;
(4) Promote the change of color, aroma and taste of chocolate material;
(5) Further make the chocolate material more fine and smooth, with good taste.


• Fluid conching
• Excellent temperature control
• Low effort in mixing
• Low development of frictional heat
• Reduced energy consumption
• Stripping process from both cradle and tower at different temperatures
• Big surface of a thin layer of chocolate available for the stripping process



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